Yummy Yummy @ Restoran LYJ

What is Poon Coi (盆菜)? I do not know how you call it in English (does it have a English name in the first place?? Haha...). Basically, it is one big pot, where you put all the dishes into it and cook. Yeah, everything is inside instead of serving the dishes one by one. I got a friend call it 'capalang' or 'rojak' (mix everything in Malaysian language).

Poon coi above is selling at RM238 (for maximum of 14 people). Below are the things that you can find in the pot:

1/2 boiled farm chicken
1/2 crispy roasted duck
12 salt & pepper prawn
brewed Ma-Yao in home style
sea cucumber
stewed pork
fish maw
chicken leg
pork knuckle
Japan Taro
Bai Ling mushroom

This is one of the specialties, rice with 'pig oil', selling at RM3 per bowl.

If you watch Astro AEC channel, this is one of the places that recommended by 'Taste with Jason ' (阿贤人情味) before.

Restoran LYJ,
PT 11-12 & 16-17,
Jalan Perkhimatan,
Kg Baru Sg. Buloh,
47000 Sg. Buloh,

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